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Most offers were available both in the login and via Twitter, with a few targeted offers available only in the login.

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Now, all Amex Offers run only through the login. Note: Serve cards have Amex Offers in their login. I assume they wanted to cut down on the bots and on people getting it on so many cards. How does burner account help anyone for Marriott points? I assume one will have to eventually consolidate the points into one account to make use of the points? This seems like a wasted opportunity since they obviously already have the targeting algorithms designed and the platform designed for the Amex website. Sorry for not stating clearly.

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You are correct that Amex has a backend system for their own use which is currently used to serve up Amex offers on the americanexpress. Especially since social media is no longer offered by American Express, they should consider offering Amex offers to their third party card products in some way shape or form since I would imagine the cost would be minimal since they already probably have most of the systems designed.

I think American Express sees AmExoffers as a unique point of difference and use it to attract card members. I think part of the reason they did allow these social linkings is that it would mean that third party american express credit cards would work.

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The big loss is being able to add offers to a card they may have screened out on their website i. Amex has been losing most of the big name sponsors for these offers and it is because they never restricted the Authorized users. A perfect example of this was the 20 back on Staples off from holiday How does that in any way benefit Staples? Excellent news!! Now I can finally deactivate my HiltonAmex Twitter account and not have to deal with misdirected messages and Tweets from Hilton AMEX cardholders complaining about foreign currency conversion fees and cash advance charges. Having only 1 channel, AMEX.

They used to be a lot better. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Delivered by FeedBurner. Posted by Chuck on January 18, Deals Published on January 18th, by Chuck You can log into your American Express account to see which offers you were targeted for. AMEX Offers are usually in limited supply, so if you see a deal you want, you should add it immediately.

Registering for Amex Offers with Twitter - Deals We Like

And the offers change frequently, so check your account often! Sign-in to your American Express account , and scroll to the bottom of the page. And in the past AMEX has taken back the statement earned from multiple cards in the same account. So even if you can add it multiple times, you still might not get the extra savings. If you have multiple AMEX cards, you can try to get the statement credit for each card!

While some offers will not be available on all your cards, some of them will be. You can open each of your AMEX cards in a separate browser tab , and add the offer to multiple cards simultaneously. The card will no longer appear in your online account you may have to log-out before it disappears.

Unfortunately, you can NOT do this anymore.

AmEx lets Twitter users turn tweets into coupons

You can, however, add cards to the American Express bot through Facebook Messenger. You will then be prompted to sign-into your AMEX account via the app.

But some folks might prefer this interface. Just register your eligible American Express cards, and receive statement credits on everyday spending! So the more American Express cards you have, the more you can save!

Registering for Amex Offers with Twitter

The savings these offers give me help to offset any annual fees I might be paying. So I can enjoy the other benefits of the card for cheap!

E-mail is already registered on the site. Please use the Login form or enter another. You entered an incorrect username or password. Any tips? I was planning to buy flowers anyway, so the timing was perfect. Win, win and win!

Limited Time Offer Up to , bonus miles. X Many of the credit card offers that appear on this site are from credit card issuers from which MillionMileSecrets. Step 1. Step 2 — Remove the Card The card will no longer appear in your online account you may have to log-out before it disappears. Select the American Express Bot Step 2.

Agree to the Terms Step 4.